Nightcrawler – a film review

It’s been a long week of catching up. I’ve watched most of the films that were nominated (or deserved to be nominated) for Best Picture at the hugely politicized but utterly unmissable Academy Awards. Nightcrawler was my last one and the only one where I thought I could add anything new to the critique that it has generated.

On the face of it Nightcrawler is unoriginal in its concept, that of taking a profession that isn’t heavily sought after and isn’t entirely moral in every connotation of the word and then putting it on display. What makes it original though is that Nightcrawler isn’t a study on morality. Nightcrawler is a film that is completely unbiased and though there are characters that question the ethical consequences of actions principal characters in this film take, it isn’t fairly important. The characters are thoroughly devoid of morality in some cases, especially Jake Gyllenhaal’s, and you would expect that from the career path they’ve taken.

Structurally this is a film that’s well written and well executed and most of all thoroughly well acted. Was Jake better than Micheal Keaton in Birdman? Questionable. What Nightcraweler is though, is as career defining as Birdman for Keaton. This maybe the performance we will judge him against from now on. No pressure.

4 stars.