Poverty – an angle I hadn’t yet considered

For me films have always held a high value. They’ve helped me get through hard times, they’ve been my gateway to the world and they’ve helped me understand life. I’ve never been a big fan of documentaries. Sure, Micheal Moore is fantastic and there are some great ones out there but not until watching Poverty, Inc at the Leeds International Film Festival did I really think there was something to this genre.

Poverty, Inc is an eye-opening documentary. It redefines the whole notion of aid given to the so called ‘poorer’ countries. It shows us how by giving support to those countries, of which my home India is one of, they are being robbed of an opportunity to stand on their own two feet.

Documentaries are great, I guess. What I dislike though is how many of them present the problem and don’t give us any solutions. What Poverty, Inc does is it shows us how to address the problem, not just diagnose it. It shows us live examples of how people have solved the problem adopting their methods.

Poverty, Inc is a well made film and I urge you all to watch it if it comes around to a festival near you.


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