It’s been three days since I arrived here in this beautiful city of Leeds. When I say it’s beautiful I mean it’s bloody beautiful. Its spectacular! Sure its not the loudest city, its not the busiest city but it is definitely bustling with students of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s just lovely!

I felt a little homesick on my first day. I have to admit, I still do a bit. The people here though are so pleasant and thoroughly accommodating. Everybody on the street is helpful if you’ve gotten lost (which I did a whole bunch of times). Not just on the street, everybody everywhere is helpful. I needed help with these self-service machines they have in the super markets which I’ve never used before, help with a massive number of different coins, etc and everybody is just happy to do it.

One of my main objectives from my year in Leeds was to make friends from all over the world. I’m really making great headway into that. I’ve not gotten to know an Australian, two Brazilians, two Germans, an Indonesian, a Dutch, a Mexican, and a whole plethora of Indians. The mix of culture you can find here is just astounding and I’m learning so much already.

I hope to keep whatever readers I have posted with my adventures in Leeds and the general UK throughout my year here. Thanks for reading!


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