Tears – A Haiku

The tears in her eyes
Rain drops on my hands do fall
All she can do is whisper


Chef: A Review

If I was asked to describe this delightful film in one word, it would be delicious. Nothing else can come close. Okay, maybe scrumptious too.

Chef is acclaimed director Jon Favreau’s tribute to amazing food. The viewer can clearly see, by the way the movie was shot (and by his waistline, something he isn’t afraid of making fun at repeatedly) that he is a genuine lover of food. I’ve always been a great lover of food myself, and I truly think that this is a film for food lovers to rejoice over. I can dare each and every one of you to watch this film and not come out with saliva filling your mouths, at the food or the gorgeous Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson.

Story wise it does well to down play on the fact that it is in its essence a narration of how a father finally takes out time for his son. It also gives us a look at how we can effectively use social media to boost virtually any business, something I found interesting being a Marketing student. As a friend of mine rightly pointed out, what the film does best is that it does not force any emotions on to you. You are left free to feel what you want to feel and that kind of independence is a little unexpected from Favreau.

It’s well acted, well scripted and deliciously directed. Special props to Favreau for really mastering chef moves, if he hasn’t had prior training.Oh and before I forget, the film is damn funny too.

Four stars!