Long Time

I always find myself going back on promises to keep writing for some reason or the other. This time it was because I got pretty badly addicted to a certain TV show called Doctor Who. Come to think of it it’s almost always because I get addicted to TV shows or get lost in books. I should probably look into that.

Doctor Who is, in one word, fantastic. I can’t believe I waited so long to start watching it. It’s not just a family show that provides you with an entirely lovable central character and a more than capable on her own side kick, it’s also used as a platform to do some deeply dark shit. A lot of allegory can be seen in the show to reflect human nature and how it has influenced history. I think the most fascinating aspect of the show is how they are able to make it all so fantastically believable. The word fantastic is one I noticed I’m using a lot nowadays because of the Doctor, a harmless side effect of my binge watching. Ahh, how do you do it, BBC?

So if you ask me what show you should be watching, I’d say, Doctor Who 100%. It’s for literally everyone.


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