Long Time

I always find myself going back on promises to keep writing for some reason or the other. This time it was because I got pretty badly addicted to a certain TV show called Doctor Who. Come to think of it it’s almost always because I get addicted to TV shows or get lost in books. I should probably look into that.

Doctor Who is, in one word, fantastic. I can’t believe I waited so long to start watching it. It’s not just a family show that provides you with an entirely lovable central character and a more than capable on her own side kick, it’s also used as a platform to do some deeply dark shit. A lot of allegory can be seen in the show to reflect human nature and how it has influenced history. I think the most fascinating aspect of the show is how they are able to make it all so fantastically believable. The word fantastic is one I noticed I’m using a lot nowadays because of the Doctor, a harmless side effect of my binge watching. Ahh, how do you do it, BBC?

So if you ask me what show you should be watching, I’d say, Doctor Who 100%. It’s for literally everyone.


The Book Thief – a review

I think The Book Thief is a very unfair book. Unfair in the sense that unless you have the habit of reading imbibed somewhere deep down inside you, there is really no point in you reading this book. The number of people who don’t read or read for everything other than the joy of reading are fast increasing and this book is one that can possibly prove counterproductive to that movement.

The Book Thief was clearly written by a man who has profound love for the written word and chose to tell a story that he knew not many would easily attempt – a story from the other side of World War II. Story wise it’s very simple – this is a story about a little girl and what happens when she is taken in by foster parents after her mother can no longer take care of her in war torn Nazi Germany. It’s a story, on the surface at least, about the various kinds of love a person can experience even and especially if they are not blood related. But in its heart lies the immense passion the author posses for reading and writing and it is astounding the level of beauty that passion brings out in his words.

As with many books, this one is labourious. It will take a bit of effort to finish but as with many others, it’s quite worth it. I also understand why the movie failed to make an impact; the thought occurred to me while reading why it needs to be made into a film at all.¬†Some books are meant to be read for their literary¬†value and not just for its narrative. Some books are just too plain beautiful not to be read and to be just watched on the big screen. This is definitely one of those books. Four stars for me on this one, out of five.

Explaining the name

When naming this brand new blog I thought of two things I love that have probably (there is a chance, I’ll admit, of it having happened) never been used in the same sentence until now. Banana chips are a true Kerala delicacy – salty, savoury and thousands of times tastier than their potato cousins. Tiramisu is an Italian coffee cake that is soft and just magical to eat. Coffee in a cake, I mean how could you possibly go wrong there?

This blog is meant to be, as the name suggests, about anything and everything I want to write about. I am not going to censor myself over the facts that some posts maybe ridiculously varied from each other because that’s the whole point! I am making the science fiction of blogs here where I am leaving so much room for my imagination, that now I’m thinking this may just blow up in my face. Or it won’t. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the ride.

Lastly I’d like to preemptively ask your forgiveness for sounding a little douchey or presumptuous sometimes. Trust me, I don’t meant to, it just sort of happens on occasion. Bear with me here.

So sayonara, person who clicked on this link. I hope I have sparked your interest. See, I didn’t even mean to sound douchey there and I did.